How useful is "cash in wallet"

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Sun Mar 19 11:35:33 EST 2006

Pete wrote:


>So I'm curious about the "cash in wallet" account.  It
>seems rather granular.  Does anybody really keep track
>of the money in their wallet?  It seems pretty
>compulsive -- you'd need a "money found on the street"
> or "money given by friend to help pay for french
>fries" account to reconcile it.
I do have a "cash" account.  I used to just take the withdrawals from my 
checking account to a miscellaneous expense account, but I found that 
Miscellaneous became a rather large expense, meaning I wasn't really 
tracking where a lot of money went.  I don't reconcile it.  Every once 
in a while I do count the money in my pocket and expense the difference 
to a Miscellaneous account.


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