More multi-currency woes.

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Wouter van Marle <wouter at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> When working with multiple currencies in ones mutual funds portfolio,
> GnuCash royally screws up when making an "advanced portfolio" report. I
> have attached the html formatted result.
> Everything is denominated as HK$, while the amounts are sometimes indeed
> HK$ amounts, but in many cases EUR and USD amounts respectively. As a
> result, also the gains are completely off.
> And if you may wondering why I do it like that: well AIA has funds
> denominated in a.o. EUR and USD, and my bank account is in HKD. I pay
> HKD to the account, which is then split and converted as needed in EUR
> and USD.

Wouter, what version are you using? I have recently done lots of work on that report and it is in SVN and might be in the latest 1.9.x alpha release. I'd love for more testers on this report as I don't really work in a multi-currency environment and don't understand it well. If you were in a position to do some testing on it, that would be fantastic. (only use a copy of your data, not the original...).


> Wouter
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