How useful is "cash in wallet"

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> > GnuCash is, in a way, overkill for what you want to
> > do.
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> > Hope this helps.
> > EB
> Yeah, actually the two responses I've read so far
> helped a lot.  I've been reading the user manual, and
> have been ... a bit overwhelmed.  My money is
> important to me, but not THAT important.  :)   I
> really appreciate your response.
> So now the question is much more difficult, but only
> one that I can answer -- what's important for me to
> track, and how in-depth do I want to go.  That's going
> to require some head-scratching.
> I know I'm going to get sloppy with time.  Suppose I
> create separate accounts for Gas, Water, Electric, etc
> but at a later date decide I was being completely
> ridiculous and want all my utilities to just go under
> Liabilities:Utilities.  Is it possible to move all the
> transactions from a set of accounts into a more
> general Utilities account (and then delete the
> individual Gas, Water, Electric, etc accounts)?

you can "re-parent" an account by editing the account and changing its parent. Then *I believe* if you delete the subaccounts, then the transactions are moved to the parent account, but not positive about that.


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