How useful is "cash in wallet"

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at
Mon Mar 20 03:52:57 EST 2006

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006 02:14, Pete wrote:
> So I'm curious about the "cash in wallet" account.  It
> seems rather granular.  Does anybody really keep track
> of the money in their wallet?  It seems pretty
> compulsive -- you'd need a "money found on the street"
>  or "money given by friend to help pay for french
> fries" account to reconcile it.

This challenged me to look at my recording - and almost 11% of my expenses are 
'miscellaneous'. 10.97% over a long period of time, and it rates as my eighth 
biggest expense category. 
If I needed to know exactly where my money went, this wouldn't give enough 
I reckon that you record as best you can and review at the end of a given 
period whether you are collecting enough or not enough information to manage 
your money well.


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