Balance sheet does not balance.

Jean-David Beyer jeandavid8 at
Thu Mar 23 08:31:35 EST 2006

I am running GnuCash 1.8.8 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.

My balance sheet no longer balances.

Balance Sheet 2005-12-01 - 2006-12-31
Assets	                     $0.00	   
   Current Assets	$43,067.69	   
   Investments	       $209,960.34	   
Assets	   	                   $253,028.03 <---<<<
Liabilities	             $0.00	   
   	Credit Card	  -$587.16	   
Liabilities	         	       $587.16
Unrealized Gains(Losses)	   	 $0.00
Equity	                     $0.00	   
   Opening Balances   -$126,198.57	   
Retained Earnings	   	      -$228.00
Net Profit	   	           $126,260.83
Total Equity	   	           $252,231.40
Liabilities & Equity	   	   $252,818.56 <---<<<

I did search for a transaction with $209.47 in it and there is none.

My question is "how to I go about finding my mistake?" (I assume GnuCash
itself is not at fault as this stuff used to balance.) Unfortunately, I have
added several days of transactions since the last time I looked at the
balance sheet. Is there a tool to find unbalanced transactions, for example?

If worst comes to worst, I could restore the entire GnuCash directory from a
few days ago (I have daily backups for a week, and weekly backups for a
month, and the problem is recent) and start over, but I would not like to do
that if I do not need to.

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