Generating an expense report for a mutual fund account

Rustom Mirza mirza1 at
Fri Mar 24 21:59:12 EST 2006

I am running 1.8.11 and have set up various mutual fund accounts for 
mutual funds that are available through our employer.

The slight difference between these mutual funds and regular North 
American mutual funds is that the management expense is not part of the 
mutual fund unit price and is explicitly withdrawn monthly by selling 
the appropriate number of units of the fund.

I have set up the commodity to be the mutual fund units.

All I am looking to do is generate a report on what the dollar amount of 
the management expenses were for a given time period.

For example if a unit is worth $1 and the monthly expense is $2, every 
month would see by number of units decrease by 2 if the price of the 
units stayed the same.

I want to generate a report that would show that the yearly expense was $24.

When I try, I always end up with reports showing the balance of the 
number of mutual fund units. (ie. I can see that by unit balance 
decreased by 12)

Is there a way for me to generate a report showing the dollar amounts 
for these transactions ?


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