Stock purchase question

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 27 10:33:14 EST 2006

Bengt Thuree <bengt at> writes:

>> > At this stage I press Enter (or tab), and the Exchange popup dialog
>> > appears (in version 1.8.4 anyway).
>> > But the number of shares are set to 9,000 (which was supposed to be the
>> > amount I actually bought the shares for).
> Ok, It was not clear, but after trial and error (and guidance from
> Derek) I entered the Number of Shares into the "To Amount" and that
> worked very nice.
> Hopefully this dialog can be re-worked a bit to make it a bit clearer in
> the 1.9 serie. 

I'm not at all sure how to make it more clear..  Do you have a
suggestion?  I suppose we could improve the tooltip, but I would
ask you to suggest improved text.

> Thanks
> /Bengt


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