Blank Entry Removal?

Bobby Goins goins at
Mon Mar 27 10:41:21 EST 2006

I am trying to figure out how to remove blank entries from my database.

For instance, I set up the following 'template' to enter my paychecks:

Income:Salary				        XXX
Income:Holiday 					XXX
Income:Vacation					XXX
Income:Sick Leave				XXX
Income:Other:Bonus				XXX
Income:Other:Vacation Sell Back			XXX
Income:Other:Employer 401(k) Match		XXX

Expenses:Medical:Medical Insurance	XXX
Expenses:Medical:Dental Insurance	XXX
Investments:401(k):Contribution		XXX

Expenses:Tax:Federal			XXX
Expenses:Tax:Medicare			XXX
Expenses:Tax:OASDI			XXX
Expenses:Tax:State			XXX
Expenses:Tax:Local			XXX

Assets:Bank:Checking 1			XXX

Since I do not always have holiday, vacation, sick leave, or bonus 
income for each paycheck, the entry gnucash adds to these accounts just 
takes up space.  Right now my database is over 23Mb, and lock-ups with 
gnucash 1.8.xx are becoming more frequent.  (I don't know if the 
database size is causing this, or not.)

Anyway, has someone come up with a method, or stand-alone program to 
remove these blank entries?



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