Still cannot enter same stock (ticker) in multiple accounts...

Jean-David Beyer jeandavid8 at
Mon Mar 27 14:43:46 EST 2006

I have several brokerage accounts, and I want to hold shares of the same
company in more than one. E.g.,

  Current Assets

Now GnuCash lets me set up this hierarchy. AccountA and AccountB are of type
Bank, and Ticker A (both of them) are of type Stock.

If I transfer money into AccountA and AccountB, I can then go into, say,
Assets->Investments->AccountA->TickerA and buy shares.

At this point, if I look at my balance sheet, all is OK.

But if I then go to Assets->Investments->AccountB->TickerA and try to do the
same thing, it also appears to work.

But then, if I look at my balance sheet, it is wrong in several ways.
The entries for TickerA are blank
And Assets do not match Equity and Liabilities.

This is with GnuCash gnucash-1.8.8-0.9.
Yesterday I finally got to install gnucash-1.8.12, which seems to be the
highest one around for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on my other machine, but
it has the same problem.

So I still do not know if this is a bug, or a basic misunderstanding on my part.

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