Blank Entry Removal?

Bobby Goins goins at
Mon Mar 27 16:33:58 EST 2006

On Monday 27 March 2006 16:12, you wrote:
> "Bobby Goins" <goins at> writes:
> > Since I do not always have holiday, vacation, sick leave, or bonus
> > income for each paycheck, the entry gnucash adds to these accounts just
> > takes up space.  Right now my database is over 23Mb, and lock-ups with
> > gnucash 1.8.xx are becoming more frequent.  (I don't know if the
> > database size is causing this, or not.)
> What kind of "lock ups"?  I'd rather work on the lock-ups than
> try to remove blank entries...

gnucash just freezes.  I cannot do anything with it.  I end up starting a 
console session, killing the guile process, and thus killing gnucash.  
gnucash doesn't seem to have a problem re-starting, except for the warning I 
get since I didn't save the session.  

I thought the problem might be too many processes running, so I have only been 
actively running gnucash.  It still freezes.  I'll try to do a screen 
snapshot and send it to the list the next time it happens.

BTW: I am running slackware 10.0 and have 384MB of RAM.

> > Anyway, has someone come up with a method, or stand-alone program to
> > remove these blank entries?
> I know of nothing...
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Bob
> -derek

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