Disk died - backup unreadable

Stewart V. Wright svwright.lists at gmail.com
Wed May 3 18:19:46 EDT 2006

G'day Andrew,

* Andrew Greig <algreig at bigpond.net.au> [060503 17:09]:
> It may be, but is it normal for the .xac files to be have very long names and 
> around 4 dates in them? The last of which is the latest save.  What viewer 
> should I be using to try and see if the data is useable?  

You can see the type of any file (or a good guess) with the 'file'
command.  For example I just did:
  $ file Dummy.20060423162130.xac
  Dummy.20060423162130.xac: XML document text

As the .xac files, your account file(s) and the log files are all text
you can use your favourite text viewer.  I prefer 'less' for just
viewing things, but everyone has different opinions.

As for the multiple dates in the file names...  That sounds strange.
Were you using the .xac file for your accounts rather than the base
  i.e Is the multi-date .xac file a .xac of a .xac of a .xac file?

Good luck.


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