Disk died - backup unreadable

Andrew Greig algreig at bigpond.net.au
Wed May 3 17:15:57 EDT 2006

On Thu, 4 May 2006 09:49 am, Dale Alspach wrote:
> This is slightly off topic but I noticed that the owner and group of
> your files is root. Unless this is a side effect of your backup
> and recovery procedure, this indicates that you are running gnucash as
> root. Running any application (unless unavoidable) as root seems like
> asking for trouble.
> Dale Alspach

I will knock off a couple of issues in this one message.  I wanted my gnucash 
file to be in a normal folder in my ~/ directory.  I was unaware that I was 
opening a back up folder.  I did not start up gnucash by clicking on a file 
but just by opening it.  I would normally save around six times in a session 
and it seemed to me that the file revealed the time as well as the date.  How 
do I avoid this when I set it up again, please?

Secondly the files are all showing root:root because that info was pulled from 
an iso9660 fs in loopback - the DVD I was unable to copy from.  I never run 
in a GUI as root - ever (honest!)  The fs is readonly and because it was just 
a copy to DVD rather than a backup permissions were not preserved.  I merely 
copied rather than tarred because I knew I had heaps of room, but in 
hindsight that may have caused my problem.

I am advertising on the Linux lists in AU looking for the same drive so that I 
may be abler to swap the controller and have some hope of recovering my data 
- all 9 months of it :-(
Yours faithfully

Andrew Greig
0418 581 649

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