import QIF from KMyMoney

Martin Meyer elreydetodo at
Thu May 4 17:12:46 EDT 2006

I'm trying to switch to GnuCash (1.9.5) from KMyMoney but I'm having
extreme difficulty transferring my data between them.  KMyMoney can
export to QIF files, but the date format is configurable.  I'm
thinking they had problems with various programs using incorrect date
formats originally (ahem, Microsoft Money).

The problem I have is that NONE of the possible date formats KMyMoney
offers seem to work with GnuCash.  What format is it expecting?  I
can't find documentation of it anywhere, otherwise I could just edit
the QIF files manually.

This is the error I get when trying to import:

QIF file parse failed: Data for number or date does not match a known format.

Does anyone have experience importing QIF files from KMyMoney?  I'd
really like to try out GnuCash but if I can't import all my data
there's no way this is going to happen :(

Martin Meyer

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