Downloading Canadian Mutual Fund Quotes

Michel Archambault michel-2.archambault at
Fri May 5 18:17:05 EDT 2006

Bonjour Gilles,

You can download your fund quote like that :
dump-finance-quote canada BOM*SPE

You can find a complete list of BMO fund at : 

Bonne journée!

Michel Archambault, ing. jr, M.Sc.A.

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> I am having difficulty downloading canadian mutual fund quotes. My  
> regular stocks are downloading fine. I have tried different download  
> sources (Fund Library, Canada Mutual etc) but it still doesn't work.  
> I have tried various fund codes as per my fund provider (BMO - Bank  
> of Montreal).  The fund codes they suggest are BMO136 (Baycom#) and  
> BMO*SPE (Fundata#).

> Can anyone offer suggestions?

> Thanks
> Gilles

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