Translations of GnuCash: 28 languages currently; call for translations

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Wed May 10 08:14:17 EDT 2006

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Dear all,

just a heads-up about the translation work on the upcoming 2.0: We've
got more language translations than ever! On the other hand some of
these translations still need some major effort and review, so we're
asking anyone interested to contribute in the translations here.

The current status of the 2.0 translation is as follows: We now have
3666 translation strings - 1.8.0 had 2500, 1.8.12 had 2800). Out of
these massive amount of translation work, the following five language
have reached 100% or almost 100%, by the given number of translated strings:

3666 de
3654 nb
3626 en_GB
3475 fr
2919 es

If you are interested to join, see for more information on how to
do this. GnuCash is now in "String Freeze", so there won't be any string
changes until the final 2.0.0 release, scheduled for end of May. By the
way, the "Translation Project" website currently seems to have some
issues and delays when translations are submitted, so until these are
sorted out, you should always (additionally) submit finished
translations directly to gnucash-devel and/or our Translation Manager

The following 12 more languages are still faily well done from the 1.8
branch and/or some initial 2.0 work:

2266 ne
1952 eu
1931 pt_BR
1928 it
1869 sk
1856 nl
1838 cs
1803 zh_TW
1701 ru
1596 sv
1520 el
1453 pt

This means we've got 17 languages that are supported in GnuCash, and
there is still enough time for improvements until the release date! This
is quite cool!

Some other translations (11) are a bit outdated but maybe somebody picks
up the existing work:

1124 pl
1049 tr
936 hu
936 da
890 es_NI
812 ja
667 ca
426 uk
382 zh_CN
261 ta
202 rw

28 Languages altogether.


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