Using Current account balance as a variable in scheduled transactions

Bryan Phinney bphinney at
Sun May 7 12:33:56 EDT 2006

Is there any way to refer to the current account balance of a specific account 
within a scheduled transaction?  Specifically, if I have a mortgage account, 
and am making periodic prepayments on the mortgage, the existing ppmt and 
ipmt functions won't return the correct value because the prepayments to the 
principal will lower the next month's interest value.

This could easily be overcome by simply letting the scheduled transaction 
perform its assessments on the current account balance as the periodic 
interest rate will be assessed against the current month's balance on the 
account.  I can do this manually but would prefer to have Gnucash perform the 
calculation from within the scheduled transaction if that is possible.

Anyone have any info or suggestions?

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