Mortgage Prepayment / Loan Druid

Adam Rosi-Kessel adam at
Mon May 22 08:43:13 EDT 2006

Derek Atkins wrote:
>> I have a question similar to a recent thread about calculating with
>> current account balance <>. 
>> I made *one* prepayment to my mortgage (accidentally, actually.) Is there
>> any way to adjust my payments going forward without redoing the whole
>> mortgage druid? If I did re-do the mortgage druid, would it even work?
>> Would I start over from the day after my prepayment with the
>> post-prepayment balance?
> Unfortunately the SX system doesn't have a "current balance of account"
> function, which is the real solution to this problem.  I'm not sure what
> workaround to suggest for you.

Would creating a new mortgage, starting now with the current principal, for
30 years minus the number of months that have already passed since the start
of my real mortgage, work? Or does amortization not work that way?


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