Getting off-screen windows onscreen?

Kevin Broderick gnucash at
Wed May 24 10:15:56 EDT 2006

Perhaps I'm overlooking something, but is there any way to get a  
"Find Customer" or "Find Vendor" window that has appeared above the  
top of my screen to move into the middle of it?  I can't get to the  
title bar with the mouse (as it's above top of the screen), and I'm  
not coming up with any other ways to reposition the window.

This is with 1.9.5 based on r13991 running under XDarwin on OS X  
10.4.  If the repeated appearance of off-screen windows should be  
filed as a bug, I'd be happy to do that; for the moment, though, I'd  
be even happier to get them on screen so I can use them.

Kevin Broderick
gnucash at

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