Edward Barrow edward at
Thu May 25 06:08:18 EDT 2006

1. Customising invoices and templates
It doesn't seem to be entirely straightforward - from the manuals etc - 
to configure and set up gnu-cash to handle my business administration, 
including invoices. It does the financial side of things well, but the 
presentation side seems a bit clunky and I'd like to make it consistent 
with the other parts of my business in the use of fonts, logos etc.

I know I can create custom invoices using the stylesheet editor, but 
there's a limited range of options and (assuming they are CSS 
stylesheets) I wondered if I could edit them directly with a text 
editor, and if so where are they located.

Secondly, and this may not be the right forum, how can I get it to print 
  invoices to the network printer using CUPS?

(I'm using Gnucash 1.8.10 on Debian Etch)

Edward Barrow

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