setting up combined personal & business

Richard Dawson rcdawson at
Thu May 25 23:23:33 EDT 2006

I keep my personal accounts in gnucash and I keep track of the finances of a 
rental co-owned with another person.  

I understand how to set up my own accounts.  I can set up a separate set of 
accounts for the business (in a separate gnucash account).  I would like to 
combine them into one gnucash file so that if I write a check, say for the 
rental mortgage, it comes out of (credits) my personal checking account and 
goes into (debits) the mortgage account.  At the same time I would like have 
a similar amount credited to the appropriate owner's equity account.  

If the co-owner were to make a payment against the mortage, I would just 
credit that owner's equity account and debit the mortgage account.

I can set up two independent accounts, but then I have to enter any 
transactions affecting my personal account and the business account twice, 
once in each file.  Is there a way around this?

Richard Dawson.

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