How to import XML file to Gnucash?

Vel vel.suminguit at
Sun May 28 22:40:26 EDT 2006

Please help. Im new to Linux in general and in Gnucash in particular.

I am already comfortable using Gnucash 1.18.  As a former Windows user, I
have lots of records (equivalent to 3 years of records to be exact) in MS
Excel.  I would like to import these records to Gnucash. The columns of my
Excel file is identical to the columns of the "Cash Account" register of
Gnucash.  However, I dont know how to convert my Excel file to QIF, the
format that can be imported by Gnucash. Knowing that Gnucash stores its data
in XML format, I exported my Excel file to XML.   A section of my XML file
is listed below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<dataroot xmlns:od="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:officedata" xmlns:xsi=""
<Description>Philcom Telephone</Description>

 I opened the datafile of Gnucash using the trial version of Stylus Studio
Professional Edition (downloaded Xalan but I couldnt figure out how to use
it). When I clicked validate XML document using Stylus, it says "The XML
file does not have a schema to validate against." So I clicked "Create
Schema from the XML Content." but I got the following error: "Parsing error
in file:///c:/gnucash/datapro. The prefix 'gnc' has not been mapped to any
URI (line 3, column 32)."

That ends my effort because I'm really just an ordinary user.  I thought
that my file can be mapped as source file and the gnucash as the target file
using some XML parser.

Can someone please help how to fix the 'gnc' error and map my source file to
gnucash xml file. I could send part of my gnucash xml file to individuals
who are willing to help.

Please excuse my English. English is not my first language.

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