Meet the developers

David Hampton hampton-gnucash at
Wed May 31 16:19:13 EDT 2006

On June 10th, several of the developers are getting together in
Manhattan for lunch.  I will be there, as well as Derek Atkins
<warlord>, Josh Sled <jsled>, and Christian Stimming <cstim> from
Germany.  Anyone who wants is welcome come join us for food and drinks.
Feel free to bring spouses/significant others too.

We're planning on meeting at 2PM at the Heartland Brewery near Times
Square and should be there for until 5PM or 6PM.  This is a pretty
convenient location for anyone coming in either to Grand Central or Penn
Station, and has great subway access.  The restaurant address is 127 W.
43rd Street, and its just east of Times Square.  Their web site is .

Please RSVP directly to me if you are coming so I can make the
appropriate reservation at the restaurant.


P.S. We'll be doing a mini key-signing, so bring a copy of your PGP/GPG
key fingerprint if you want it signed.

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