transfering multiple accounts

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 3 11:22:43 EDT 2006

yury nedelin <ynedelin at> writes:

> Hi I am very new to GnuCash, 1 day, I have imported the .QIF file in to the
> Unspecified account in GnuCash. Then I have created an subaccount for the
> phone bills.   So I have a bunch of these bills in my unspecified account
> all with the same name and  just different dates.  Now I would like to
> transfer all the phone bills, about 15 of them, into my new Phone Account. 
> I could do ti one by one but that seems like a waste of a computer power. 
> Is there  way to do that automatically ?  And so in the future if  I have a
> bill from AT&T it just goes into the Phone account.

No, there's no way to do that automatically.  What you SHOULD have done
is taken the time during the QIF import to map the payees and memos to the
proper GnuCash accounts.  You can do that in future imports.


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