Problems with SUSE 10.1 abd GNUCash 2.0.1

Tom Cada mtcada at
Sat Oct 7 18:52:29 EDT 2006

I am attempting to install GNUCash 2.0.1 on a new install of SUSE 10.1 (not 

Everyting seemed to go OK. However, when installing the help documentation 
(gnucash-docs-2.0.0) I could not get the help from the menu item nor would 
the Contents (F1) work. 

I run gnucash from the console using the command

gnucash --debug --level=6 \ 

I know it looks strange but that's where the install placed to help data.

I examining the file /tmp/gnucash.trace I found the following error:

 Debug: gnc_gnome_help(): Attempting to opening help file gnucash-guide.xml
 Error: gnc_gnome_help(): There was an error launching the default action
                            command associated with this location.

I know that gnucash-guide.xml is in the path.

In addition, there is no reference to the OFX/QXF file types when I open the 
import dialogue. The only import mentioned is the QIF file.



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