se_SV BAS2003 example account tree, help req

Josh Sled jsled at
Mon Oct 9 09:25:22 EDT 2006

Last week in IRC a few of us made an effort to convert the Swedish "BAS
2003" accounts into a GnuCash example account tree.  The flat text file
of accounts was taken from Lazy8 Ledger [1].  The file is a fairly
regular structure representing a rich account tree; an initial column
provides both account typing (by digit) and hierarchy (by
prefix/length).  Some work resulted in <bas.awk> [2], which does most of
the heavy lifting necessary in creating a gnc example account
hierarchy ... specifically: the XML skeleton, creating account guids
(`uuidgen | tr -d '-'`) and establishing the parent/child relationships
between the accounts.

The other major piece this script doesn't fully do is correctly assign
GnuCash account types for the various accounts.  While we've made an
effort to decode the file's account types [3], it's not clear to me --
as an english uniglot -- if the mapping is correct.  Your help is needed
to finish the job.


...jsled - `a=jsled;; echo ${a}@${b}`
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