Problems with SUSE 10.1 abd GNUCash 2.0.1

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 10 14:01:32 EDT 2006

Tom Cada <mtcada at> writes:

> Thanks Derek.
> I have moved on to version 2.0.2 and successfully compiled and installed it. I 
> had libOFX but didn't know that you had to pass a parameter to get it 
> included. So that is now working.

Well, you shouldn't need to "--enable-ofx" -- it should auto-detect
that you have libofx and build it in if it's there.  If that's not
working properly then it's a bug.

> However, I am still having problems with the help files.
> I downloaded gnucash-docs-2.0.1 and configured, compiled and installed the 
> help files but to no avail. The help info cannot be accessed from the help 
> menu.
> I again ran gnucash with debug and loglevel 6 and found the following error in 
> the trace file:
> Enter in gnc-hooks.c: gnc_hook_run()list hook_ui_post_startup, data (nil)
> Enter in gnc-hooks.c: gnc_hook_lookup()name hook_ui_post_startup
> Leave: gnc_hook_lookup()hook list 0x8154e98
> Leave: gnc_hook_run()
> Debug: gnc_gnome_help(): Attempting to opening help file gnucash-guide.xml
> Error: gnc_gnome_help(): There was an error launching the default action
>                              command associated with this location
> In my system, all of the gnucash files are installed 
> in /usr/local/share/gnucash.
> The help files are installed in /usr/local/share/gnome/help/gnucash
> When configuring, I just accepted the default.

Unfortunately I don't know enough about the docs.  Either you don't
have yelp installed or yelp doesn't know how to find the gnucash docs.

> Tom.


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