Problems with SUSE 10.1 abd GNUCash 2.0.1

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 11 12:41:42 EDT 2006

Unfortunately this is beyond my level of knowledge.  I don't
use SuSE and I don't use KDE.  Sorry.  Maybe someone else
can help you.


Tom Cada <mtcada at> writes:

> As you suggested, I did not have yelp installed. When I did the initial 
> install of SUSE 10.1, I chose the KDE desktop, so many GNOME specific 
> programs and libraries were missing. One of the problems in doing a configure 
> or compile is that the routine would halt with a missing library or program, 
> which I would have to find and install.
> I installed yelp which brought with it a lot of other dependencies, all of 
> which installed properly. I then ran "make uninstall" for both gnucash, and 
> the help files. I downloaded a fresh version of both gnucash 2.0.2 and docs 
> 2.0.1 and unpacked. Then I did a configure, make and make install for each 
> system with no errors.
> Gnucash started properly, I opened the help menu and selected "Tutorial and 
> Concepts Guide". After a pause, the KDE Help Center opened up and displayed 
> the message:
> There is no documentation available 
> for /usr/local/share/gnucash/gnome/help/gnucash/gnucash/C/gnucash-guide.xml
> although that path and file exist.
> It appears to me that the KDE help system is being invoked instead of yelp.
> Would this be due to an invalid path? It is very strange but knowing 
> computers, there is a logical answer.
> Any help is must appreciated.
> Tom.

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