Installing Finance:Quote

jcnwilson at jcnwilson at
Wed Oct 18 10:59:33 EDT 2006

Having decided to get away from Windows and try Xandros Home Edition Premium 
4.0 I needed to change from my old DOS based accounting programme (NewViews).
Not being an accountant I am very impressed with the help and concepts manual, 
there are one or two minor bugs.
I cannot get update-finance-quote to run.
I have installed from Xandros's unsupported site the package 
libfinance-quote-perl which should contain the module.
When I try and run update-finance-quote I am told "command not found".
Any suggestions?
Also my old version of NewViews gave me a balance sheet where my assets and 
liabilities balanced.
In GnuCash with its tree of accounts shouldn't assets and liabilities balance?
John Wilson
J.C.N. Wilson M.B.,B.S.,C.C.F.P.,F.C.F.P.
Dr. John Wilson & Dr. Diane Martin Inc,
3770 San Mateo Drive,
Port Alberni, B.C., V9Y 5H4
Ph & FAX (250)723-3752

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