gnucash 2.0.2 from source - fc5 tips?

Gabriel M. Elder eldergabriel at
Wed Oct 18 18:35:54 EDT 2006

Hey all, does anyone have tips or suggestions for installing gnucash 2.0.2 from source in fedora core 5? I recently did just that on my fc5 box, and discovered a few (relatively minor) problems with it. 1) When closing the app via the X in the upper-right of the window, the application seems to hang and won't close until i xkill or do a force quit on it (i'm using metacity/gnome). 2) It goes through a little wizard saying some of the files it needs aren't in the default/expected locations. The wizard seems to go through ok when you request all the automatic options, but i'd like to install the stuff where it's "supposed" to go and avoid this wizard. 3)It's missing the help documentation. Are the help docs not part of the default installation? A separate tarball somewhere? I apologize in advance if i missed something in the installation documentation regarding the help docs. I used the default build options, aside from specifically enabling ofx support, and gnucash seems to
 run well otherwise.

It looks like there are a lot of improvements in this most recent version, compared to the gnucash rpm packages available in fc5. I first heard about them while reading the release notes for fc6. But fc6 is still in test, so here i am.

Are there some build options i should tweak in the configure script (i.e. --prefix, etc.)? Anything else i should know regarding the 3 items i mentioned above?

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