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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
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Quoting "Bob W. Anderson" <bobdove at>:

> On Tue October 24 2006 5:10 pm, you wrote:
>> Well, when did reconcile stop working?  Was it correct last month?
>> Perhaps you accidentally un-reconciled a transaction?  Worst case
>> you can start the process, ignore the starting balance, set the
>> correct ending balance, and see what transactions get brought up.
>> The numerics are a date+timestamp.  The log files are named:
>> <Filename>.YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.log and the backup files are named
>> <Filename>.YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.xac.  Gnucash saves these files in the same
>> directory as your data file.
> Thanks Derek and Maf.    Last week was the first time I had a problem
> with the reconciliation.   The difference between the banks amount and
> the GnuCash was an even US$ 600.00.    If I find that there is an
> amount that either was ignored or possibly somehow edited, can I fool
> around with that sum until the Starting Balance and the bank's agrees?

Ignore the starting balance.  Do what I told you to do.

> I thought that the file names were date+time-stamped.   My problem is
> that I can only find three for the entire year.   I'll have to do some
> deep searching to find the others wherever they are.   I'll report on
> my progress.
> Bob in Newport


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