starting balance - problem resolved!

Bob W. Anderson bobdove at
Thu Oct 26 22:20:01 EDT 2006

On Tue October 24 2006 5:10 pm, you wrote:
> "Bob W. Anderson" <bobdove at> writes:
> > I've been using GnuCash for about three years, now under SuSE 10.1.
> >
> > Last week, I couldn't reconcile because the Starting Balance did
> > not correspond to the bank statement.  
. . .
> Perhaps you accidentally un-reconciled a transaction?  Worst case
> you can start the process, ignore the starting balance, set the
> correct ending balance, and see what transactions get brought up.

I somehow had un-reconciled a transaction I had entered three months ago 
- well out of my "sight range" when reconciling.   Thanks to the forum 
for clarifying how GnuCash works:  it's reall quite simple and 
forthright once I get over my fears.

Thanks too for the clarification on the filenames.    I did finally find 
this year's files in the data file directory.   For some reason, the 
previous two years had been  dumped into my /Home directory.

Bob in Newport

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