gnucash 1.8 on a mac

William Cadwallader CaptCadwallader at
Thu Oct 26 23:29:55 EDT 2006

Processor Dual 1 GHz Power PC G4
1 MB L3 cache per processor

Loaded FINK Commander Modified Jun 9, 2006 8:40 AM.

Installed binary package for gnucash 1.8.11-1024.  Status in FINK is  

Opened up xterm.

william-cadwalladers-power-mac-g4:~ CAPTAINcadwallader$ gnucash &
bash: gnucash: command not found
[1] 2453
[1]+  Exit 127                gnucash

when I tried to run gnucash I got the above error message.

What am I doing wrong?

All the best.

William Cadwallader
PO Box 22575
Carson City, NV 89721
captcadwallader at
775 720 8678

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