QFX file import

keith keith at bellairs.org
Fri Oct 27 18:19:36 EDT 2006

As I recall the current configure script automatically enables ofx if
the library is found. So you probably need to install libofx. Then
configure and make.

        On Oct 27, 2006, at 9:46 AM, Mike Sussman wrote:
        > Hello, folks.  I am a brand-new user and I want to use gnucash
        > track
        > my investments.  My broker provides QFX files of transactions,
        etc.  I
        > tried using version 1.8.10, but the QFX file import did not
        > for me,
        > so I installed 2.0.2 from source.  I cannot find QFX file
        import in  
        > this
        > new version!  I cannot find a reference to it in the help,
        > Has QFX file import been removed from gnucash?  Is there
        > additional
        > step I must take to have it included?
        > -- 
        > Mike Sussman
        > msussman at na-net.ornl.gov
        Did you have --enable-ofx among the configure parameters when
        built 2.0.2?
        What didn't work in 1.8.10? I used QFX importing extensively
        investment transactions in that version. There are a couple
        with my broker's files (Ameritrade), but they seem to be related
        limitations in libofx (doesn't handle open orders, for example).
        David Reiser
        dbreiser at earthlink.net

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