QFX file import: Resolved

Mike Sussman msussman at na-net.ornl.gov
Tue Oct 31 08:46:52 EST 2006

On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 10:17 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Mike Sussman <msussman at na-net.ornl.gov> writes:
> > (Above message occured on Line 18, Column 1)
> > *** glibc detected *** malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0862d078 ***
> >
> > A very similar set of messages happens when I use version 1.8.10.  I am
> > using Ubuntu Breezy Badger and the 1.8.10 came in a .deb package, so I
> > am pretty sure it is a good copy.  The above messages came from my
> > compiled version 2.0.2, on an OFX file, but I received slightly
> > different messages, ending in the malloc error, on two different QFX
> > files, all downloaded from my Merrill Lynch account.
> >
> > Can anyone give me some idea of how to track this error down?
> What version of libofx?  You might want to try upgrading to 0.8.2.
> -derek

Thanks for your suggestion, Derek, that it is related to libofx.  I
poked around and discovered the program ofxdump, and it also failed on
the file I have been trying to read.  So I went and got libofx version
0.8.2, compiled it and tried it.  The new version of ofxdump does read
the file, and so does gnucash.

Thanks again.
Mike Sussman
msussman at na-net.ornl.gov

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