Enter scheduled transactions early

Alan Hartless harty83 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 11:06:33 EDT 2007

> I don't understand. Just enter them early. What do you think prevents you from
> doing thjis in gnucash?
> Also, please say which version of gnucash you're using.

I'm using 2.2.  In MS Money you could right click on a scheduled
transaction and click enter now or something like that so that you
wouldn't have to mess with the schedule.  It takes the next scheduled
transaction, enters it now then schedules the next one based upon the
scheduled dates in the template

Normally I do bills on the first of each month so I have the bills
scheduled for me to deal with on the first.  But this month I need to
do bills the week before so I want to have these bills entered on the
25th.  With MS money, this wasn't a problem.  I just told it to enter
the scheduled bill now and then continue the rest of the scheduled
transactions as usual.  With a right click and a click, all was good.
But with gnucash, I have to manually enter the transaction.  Then on
the first, go back and either delete the automatically entered
transactions from my register or tell gnucash to ignore the
transactions that were not automatically entered.  The other option
would be to manually change the scheduled transaction templates to be
entered on the 25th and then after doing bills this one time, go back
and change them to the first again.  Well when you have 10+ scheduled
transactions, that is not practical.

Does that make sense?  Does gnucash do something like this and I'm
just missing it?  I've seen this feature in most of personal finance
software including software for the PDA.


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