strange behaviour in stock buy transaction

Hale Boyes, Kevin Kevin.HaleBoyes at
Thu May 3 14:01:09 EDT 2007

I've been learning more about tracking stock purchases and sales
in GnuCash and have found something I don't understand.

First some setup:
    - start GC with --nofile and then create a new file.
    - choose CAD for currency.
    - choose Common + Investment accounts with no opening balances.
    - create new accounts under "Brokerage Account"
        - type Cash named Cash.
        - type Stock named SUNW (for which I created a new commodity
            with fraction 1/100 on the NASDAQ.
    - move $1000 into "Checking Account" from Equity:Opening Balances.

When I buy stock I tend to transfer money from my chequing account into
my brokerage account.  Then I buy the stock.  The end price may not use
up the full amount of cash that I transfered but that is fine as I run
a positive cash balance in my brokerage account.

So, I transfered $400 from chequing to the new cash account under
"Brokerage Account" -- Assets:Investments:Brokerage Account:Cash.
Now the balance shown in that ledger is $400.

Then I buy some shares of SUNW.  So, in the SUNW ledger I enter a
buy with the offset account being Assets:Investments:Brokerage
and everything looks fine until I look back into the cash account.
The buy transaction is displayed but the amount fields are blank and
the balance has not been adjusted and still displays $400.

I expect the balance to have been adjusted for the money I just used
to buy the stock but maybe there is something that I'm missing.

I've included a couple of screen shots.
This is happening with 2.0.5 and trunk on FC6.


P.S.  Sorry for the following disclaimer but I have no control over it.

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