Repeating Invoices

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat May 5 01:13:08 EDT 2007


Quoting Robert Smits <bob at>:

>> I then tried and "suceeded" to turn an invoice into a scheduled
>> transaction and was pleased to see the promt for the new
>> invoice when re-starting up GnuCash.

no, you scheduled the "invoice transaction", not the "invoice".

>> Now the problem - I can't seem to edit the new Invoice, indeed,
>> I cant actually see the Invoice to UnPost it when using the
>> Business->Find Invoice... dialog - it just doen't seem to be there
>> other than in the account window as a uneditable transaction.

This is correct.  You cannot schedule an "invoice".  See bugzilla.

>> Being the inquisitive type, I've also tried duplicating an Invoice
>> from within the account (Accounts Receivable type) window and
>> see the same pattern unfold: the new invoice isn't seemingly
>> considered as an invoice by GnuCash so one can't edit it, nor get
>> at it to UnPost it or to make it Paid.

Again, you're not duplicating an invoice, you're duplicating the
posted transaction.  The posted transaction has some additional
magic to point back to an invoice, but that magic isn't maintained
by the SX system.

>> Oh yeah, the "new Invoices" doesn't appear in the Lots dialog either.

Of course.

>> Hopefully I have missed something but ...

You have.  You missed the fact that you cannot schedule an invoice.

>> Is the only way to get a Invoice to recurr or to duplicate to
>> actually fill the new one in manually:
>> at present ?


>> for ever ?

Well, until "scheduled invoices" are implemented.

>> I am guessing (and here my lack of GnuCash internals knowledge
>>  shines out) that:
>> the new Invoices created by either the scheduling or the duplication
>> processes come with blank Invoice numbers (because you are unlikely
>> to want to duplicate the number of an old invoice ?) and it is because of
>> that that they dont appear as Invoices to GnuCash, so one can't then access
>> them in a way that would allow one to edit them and rectify the fact that
>> they are blank ?

Nope, they come up that way because you're not duplicating the invoice.

>> Kevin
> Kevin, I asked much the same question about April 15th. You might look at the
> thread entitled More Questions Accounts Receivable and Billing.
> If you get a work around I'd love to hear it.

There is no work around at this time.  You cannot duplicate or
schedule invoices at this time.

Patches welcome.


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