Issue: no note/memo visible on QIF import

lmhpub-gnucash at lmhpub-gnucash at
Mon May 28 18:19:24 EDT 2007

I am trying to import my bank data from Quicken 2004, which just lost
online ability, and when I imported a QIF file (that's all Q2004 does),
I did not find anything of my note/memo fields.  I checked individual
transactions in Q2004 and in the QIF file, and none of those
notes/memos showed up in the corresponding transactions in GnuCash.  In
GnuCash I did a View > Double Line, and didn't see it there, nor did
I see it in View > Auto-Split Ledger or View > Transaction

I looked it up in the FAQs and in Bugzilla (GnuCash
product, Import component), and didn't find anything applicable for
either Note or Memo that said that there was a bug/issue/enhancement
for this, or that there was any sort of note/memo restriction for this
version of GnuCash or for QIF imports.

Can anyone shed
 any light on this?  If I need to RTFM, please let me know which FM it is.  Thanks!

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