Reconciliation: Incorrect Starting Balance

Adam Funk a24061 at
Thu May 31 03:19:15 EDT 2007

On 2007-05-31, Sunil Shetye wrote:

> Quoting from Maf. King's mail on Wed, May 30, 2007:
>> AFAIK, the warning dialogue pops up as soon as you try to alter the 
>> transaction - ie edit the transfer account/date/memo.   Of course, it is 
>> possible to disable the warning box....
> The dialogue does not appear if you try altering the transaction from
> the other unreconciled account when the transaction is *not* split.
> 30/05/2007      XYZ
>                          Expenses:xyz     n    10
>                          Assets:bank      y          10
> In the above transaction, only the bank account has been reconciled.
> No warning comes if you alter the transaction from the xyz account.

This sounds dangerous --- is there a bug report for it?

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