Correctly accounting for Dividend Re-investments from foreign companies

Rory O'Connor rory at
Sat Nov 1 19:09:31 EDT 2008

I am having a hard time in trying to account for the following

10/22 - Dividend received, ERJ, $47.89
10/22 - Foreign tax on dividend received, ERJ, $7.18
10/22 - Dividend Re-investment: Shares: 2.379, Price $17.1092, Amount

I've set up the accounts

Current Assets -> Stocks -> ERJ
Income ->DRIPs -> ERJ
Expenses -> Taxes -> Foreign Taxes

I want to track everything if I can (i.e. incl the foreign tax).  It appears
the way to do this would be to do a split transaction in the
Current Assets -> Stocks -> ERJ account.  So I add Shares: 2.379, Price:
17.1092 and Buy: 40.71 with the "account" being Income ->DRIPs -> ERJ
OK, that's fine.  But when I try to add another line of Account: Expenses ->
Taxes -> Foreign Taxes Buy: 7.18 I cannot figure out how to make the
transaction balance out.

Any help is appreciated!

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