Added Paypal-Importer as plugin for jGnucashLib

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at
Sun Nov 9 02:54:21 EST 2008

The financial automation -framework jGnucashLib is intended as a
companion for Gnucash
to handle bulk import and synchronization -tasks.
For this purpose it features a rich plugin-API and advanced scripting
abilities in all languages
supported by JSR223 (defaults to javascript but there are dozen other
languages to choose from).

The new release 2.0.8 now features a paypal-importer that synchronizes
an existing
gnucash-account with the transactions found in a paypal-account.
* existing, correct transactions are not touched
* existing transactions that are one or two days off are silently moved
* non-existing transactions are first checked with all existing
scripts if one exists to handle this kind
* if none is found the user may choose to either book this to a
default-account or open a
  script-editor that already shows an easy to understand
example-script for the usual tasks and
  offers to dry-run, save or cancel.

The editor already includes a similar importer for your online-banking
via HBCI or FinTS
and an example-CSV-plugin. The wiki contains constantly growing
documentation for
writing scripts and plugins to automate your own, boring and
time-consuming accounting-tasks.'s all just electronic numbers anyway.


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