GnuCash connects to the internet - Why?

Davy Jones davyjones at
Mon Nov 10 15:56:48 EST 2008

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have ver. 2.2.6, build 7/30/08, running on Win2K.
I am just concerned about security.  What is ORBit?

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Hi,
> Quoting Davy Jones <davyjones at>:
>> I use Zone Alarm and it prompts me to allow gnucash access to the
>> internet on startup, twice.
>> I would allow this by default if I knew what it was trying to do.  The
>> program fails to launch if I do not give it access.
>> What is the purpose of this mandatory connection?
> It's part of ORBit...  For GnuCash to talk to the configuration
> server.  It's outside of GnuCash's hands; it's all part of the
> ORBit/GConf code.
> What version of GnuCash are you using?  I thought this was fixed
> months ago.
>> Thanks.
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> -derek

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