Importing Data

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at
Wed Nov 12 00:04:10 EST 2008

2008/11/11, koerner.alexander at <koerner.alexander at>:
> Hello there,
> I don't know which of these two groups is the right one for my question so
> I'm sorry to contact both of them...
> I just want to know if it's possible to do a data import from an external
> software tool.
> The reason: I'm developing a little JAVA tool for my Nokia mobile phone
> which stores it's data within an RMS database. Now I want to transfer the
> data stored within this RMS database to the gnucash database. Is this
> possible?

As your program is Java anyway you can do without the QIF and OFX
-intermediate-format and thus without needless mapping of the imported accounts
to your gnucash-account.
You could use jGnucashLib to read and write the Gnucash file directly.

The linked sourceforge-project consists of
* jGnucashLib,  a stable library for reading and writing gnucash's data-format,
* jGnucashEditor, a java-tool ment for bulk-operations and automation and
* jGnucashViewer, a standalone viewer that requires only java to be
present on the host.


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