How Do I Turn Off Tooltips?

Doug Laidlaw laidlaws at
Sun Nov 16 07:02:32 EST 2008

I have directories ~/.gconf/  and ~/.gconfd/  Perhaps somewhere in there?

I run KDE, but since it ignores non-KDE apps, I keep GNOME as well.  GNOME has 
a Windows-like registry editor - and it makes about as much sense as the 
Windows one, too.  Try looking in there.  It sounds like a strong 
possibility.  But I would expect any change like that to be system-wide.


On Wed, 8 Oct 2008 11:09:55 pm Marlowe wrote:
> I have just installed 2.2.7.  I have opened all the gtkrc files on my
> system and I do not see the setting "gtk-enable-tooltips."  Please tell
> me how I access the file "gtkrc-2.0" and also how to access gconf.
> Marlowe
> David Brown wrote:
> > However, if you have at least gtk 2.14, you should be able to turn it
> > off by setting gtk-enable-tooltips to false in the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file,
> > I'm not sure of the exact syntax, since I can't test it, but I think
> > it is just a line like
> >
> >    gtk-enable-tooltips = "FALSE"
> >
> > in the file .gtkrc-2.0
> >
> > You can probably also find this option in gconf as well.  Earlier
> > versions don't allow them to be disabled.  The only postings I'm able
> > to find about the setting are the GTK API docs, and various people
> > complaining that it doesn't work.
> >
> > David
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