String lengths in the SQL backend

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 19 10:33:13 EST 2008

"Marcus Wolschon" <marcus.wolschon at> writes:

> 2008/11/18 Derek Atkins <warlord at>:
>> "Marcus Wolschon" <Marcus at> writes:
>>> Or using stored procedures to create transactions
>>> uppon changes being made in other databases
>>> on the same DBMS (like a webshop-database).
>> We cannot depend on Stored Procedures because not all the supported
>> DBs support them.
> No but an individual user with a specific database
> can code some for his own system. Such specific
> stuff would be of no use for others so it does not
> need to be general.
> I was just pointing out what new posibilities computer-literate
> users will have.

Sure, but personally I think we need to focus on what GnuCash
itself needs, not what an industrious user could do outside
of the GnuCash application.  The latter set is very large but
just derails the constructive discussion of what GnuCash itself
needs to operate cleanly and effectively.

Having said that, we shouldn't rule out users accessing the data
out from under GnuCash, at least in a read-only means.  I still
believe that external tools should not be writing data into the
GnuCash database.

> Marcus


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