Don't understand imbalance

Harold hh6199 at
Fri Nov 21 09:37:51 EST 2008

New to GnuCash. Coming over from Quickbooks. Running 2.2.6 under Mepis 8.0 beta 5. I have a split transaction where I paid a credit card bill. The first row has the total amount in the withdrawal column. The split amounts are listed in the deposit column. The split amounts equal the withdrawal amount. The next row below the splits in the withdrawal column there is the same amount that is in the withdrawal column on the first row. I have other split transactions but this is the only imbalance that shows up when I open the imbalance account. Do I need to delete this transaction and re-enter it or can I fix it to get rid of the imbalance. Just guessing that the imbalance is not a good thing. 



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