String lengths in the SQL backend

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Nov 22 22:09:33 EST 2008

Quoting Daniel Espinosa <esodan at>:

>> Having said that, we shouldn't rule out users accessing the data
>> out from under GnuCash, at least in a read-only means.  I still
>> believe that external tools should not be writing data into the
>> GnuCash database.
> Have you thought about how allow other applications could use GnuCash engine
> to write data into  the GC's database?

Absolutely.  They should use the GnuCash API.

However the GnuCash API is currently not "exported" in a way to
make this easy.   However in the long term that should get made
easier.  In the short term it's not important.


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