"Tools > Close Book" doesn't seem to do what I want, i.e., to shrink gnucash file by rolling up transactions

zed zed at zed.net.nz
Tue Nov 25 13:00:05 EST 2008

"Marcus Wolschon" <marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have similar issues with the gnucash-file growing over the years.
> However there are many transactions spanning the year-boundary where
> bank-statements on interests and postfolio-statements, ... come in way
> later then the first or january.
> So I am thinking of writing a program using jGnucashLib to take a
> gnucash-file and create a new file with the same accounts, the
> start-balances of the 31.12. 23:59:59 last year and keeping all
> transactions that have a date past this timestamp.
> It would also allow to e.g. split the year 2007 into a new file and only
> keep 2008-2009 in the current one. (Since there will not be any changes to
> the old data.) You can then put a digital signature and cryptographic
> timestamp on it and archive the old year(s).
> If anyone interested in this? It would allow a user to go on with
> book-keeping and close the year a few weeks later, when all the paperwork
> has arrived.

Yes, I am certainly interested in this.  Prior to migrating to Linux I used
an Acorn RiscPC (operating system was RISC OS).  The accounting program I
used then was Prophet and that allowed me to close the books at the end of
each financial year and save that year as a separate file.  



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