Checks print with black bar in place of Payee name

qajaq wabm at
Tue Nov 25 13:46:43 EST 2008

Dawning Sky wrote:
> The Payee is what you input, while the Date and Amount etc. are 
> generated by Gnucash.....

I don't know where I would enter the Payee name at the time of printing a
check. According to the GNUcash Guide
(, the Payee line (on the
check) should be filled in with whatever is on the Description line of the
transaction (in the ledger).

There is no indication in any documentation that I've been able to find that
the Payee needs to be entered any differently than any other item in the
transaction, nor that it needs any sort of additional configuration.

If anyone knows what I've missed and can point me to some direction for
learning that, I would appreciate it.

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