not backup but using gnucash in two different distros

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Thu Nov 27 18:02:46 EST 2008

I apologize for the confusion but we are getting mixed up and off track. I didn't create an encripted partition. I messed up with my quoting. Someone else created the encripted partition and I didn't know what he was talking about.

Here is what I would like to do. 
Work in Mepis and Gnucash 2.2.6. then later if I am in Mint (with Gnucash 2.2.4) and want to work in Gnucash, what do I need to do to make sure that the Gnucash in Mint is the exact same as what I left in Mepis.

This has nothing to do with backup. It has to do with working with the same transactions in Gnucash in two different distros on the same computer.

I have several distros on the same computer. Each distro has its own /boot partition. There is one swap file that is used by each distro. Each distro has its own /home directory but they are all located on the same partition. I can copy files from one /home to another but I am not sure which files I need to copy so that I will be working with the same balance and transactions no matter which distro I am in.

I am just unsure about which files I need to get. I have tried doing it in the past but it seems like some of the transactions that I had entered in Mepis weren't showing up in Mint. 

I hope this explains what I am trying to do.


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I think that it is an encrypted partition.  It is protection against snooping 
hackers.  But if you didn't know what it was, why did you create one?  Was
a default setting for your distro?

But the answer you were given is correct.  The .xac file is basically the main 
file as it was before the session in question. If the file gets garbled, you 
can go back to the most recent .xac file and rename it.  You lose only a 
session's work.  That is not the same thing as a backup of your current

Backups need to be away from your computer if they are important.  Not much 
good the computer being stolen with your backup still inside it - or more 
commonly, a disk crash that takes out your backup as well.  I have gone only 
half a step better.  I use automatic backups to a USB drive.  Anybody 
stealing the computer would probably take it as well.  But it is safer as 
regards a system crash.

On Fri, 28 Nov 2008 2:04:54 am Harold wrote:
> quote>Harold wrote:
> > If you decide to manually back up your data file to another disk, you
> > only need to back up the main data file - not the .xac files."
> My backup solution is a simple one. I created a 16MB truecrypt container
> and have GnuCash use it as my working directory. When truecrypt is
> closed, my working directory looks like one big file ('cuz it is). I
> have a flash drive (which also has a copy of truecrypt) which
> automatically copies the file from my home directory when I plug it
> in.<endquote
> Just curious, what the heck is a truecrypt container?
> Harold
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